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The Truth About Planned Parenthood

September 10, 2021

1. PP promotes promiscuity.

In fact, they say it's a word used only to shame people--and that there's nothing risky or wrong with having a large number of sexual partners.

2. PP encourages risky behaviors.

Including bondage... which they promote to teens. Seriously.

3. PP doesn't preserve women's health.

And all those mammograms they claim to provide? They're non-existent.

4. PP doesn't trust parents.

Which is why they are continuously fighting parental notification laws.

5. PP fails to report rape.

And sex trafficking. And sex abuse.

6. PP doesn't know when life begins.

So much for science.

7. PP fails minorities.

The abortion rate for black and Hispanic babies is far higher than for other babies.

8. They are more political than medical.

They endorse pro-abortion political candidates and contribute to their campaigns.

9. PP is corrupt.

Medicare fraud. Department of Justice investigation. Need we say more?

And, above all:

10. PP kills human beings.

Need we say more?

Interested in joining the fight against Planned Parenthood? JOIN US in our 40 Days for Life Campaign!

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